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Miyoko is a fairly lively, intelligent, cheerful, shy and often spiritually witty girl at any time except in combat. But it also proves to be mostly very serious, cold, psychopathic and sometimes stubborn (for the fact that Miyoko is a kuudere girl). Despite having a cold temper she would do anything to help her friends and be as open as possible with all even to those who do not like him a few times if she wants it or not.

He has a deep bond with the children that as a child in addition to his horrible past has had close ties with them of each age including newborns, if someone would dare put his hands on one of them she with all his anger does not matter who friend or relative she puts her hands on him and will never forgive him and kill him in cold blood in all worse ways, for the fact that he has a deep respect for them because he considers them too innocent not to be protected and saved.

Miyoko hates Valentine's Day even if it does not seem to him, for the fact that reminds him of the death of his old boyfriend and he always says that he does not want to relive that void he has ever left, he wants to be alone all the time even if she does not want it but she forces herself to stay as far as possible from everyone so as not to annoy him even if she hates her all of this. He's a little too obsessed with women and men because he wants to be with someone next to him she even if she does not show it a few times.

Miyoko likes sing, when he is home alone rarely trains to improve his voice, would like to become a day like Tupac, Michael Jackson and Nicki Minaj to earn a living and have a lot of money to help third world children and even the disabled.


Because of his bad past that lived Miyoko over time as a nice and ended up becoming more grumpy and serious towards others, is presented as Miyako Kasegawa (his falsified name and surname), a half-Japanese teenager who lived in Japan as a child like Giovanna, had to spend horrible moments, to prostitution, rape, killing, bullying against his old schoolmates, to see always every day corpses, alcohol etc .. that addiritura has self-injured on the forearm so many times for this done despite still being very small.

When I was a child I had a bad relationship with his classmates at the beginning because of the fact that when the others were staying in a group to chat she always wanted to join them in company not to be alone but they hunted her always away considering it as a nuisance for others, then over time he had a lot of boyfriends who most of them were dead or disappeared, that his friends and others considered it as a thot, his last boyfriend died in a traffic accident while driving the bike and this brought him to Miyoko a huge shock that ended in a long depression that lasted for so many years remaining always closed at home in the his room to suffer hunger by always refusing food, never sleeping, isolating himself from everyone included with his family, and self-injury again and again until many of those times fainted from the deep cuts he got.

Then when he was 11, he first met Anne Frank, a German girl who was taken over by his boys neighborhood and helped her to eliminate his enemies, then after Anne met Marie Antoinette, another Austrian girl who immediately made all three friendships that after this friendship was born more than any friendship, something like both in love with Miyoko and Miyoko of Anne and Marie.

Miyoko also risked almost jail and ended up in all the newspapers of the world for having stolked a guy on social media mean time now completely gone, but that guy made peace with her and left her alone. During his childhood he did also friendship with boys of color (dark skin) that immediately got along with them also included with Tupac Shakur who was a fan of him and did so many breathtaking adventures with him including even addiritura singing some piece of music with him before his tragic death, now Miyoko risked even more death with him in a car accident that for fortune survived.

DEMON JOTO (Miyoko's Stand)

Stand Name: Demon Joto Stand Ability: [Enhanced Brain Capacity]


Description: The ability to use one's brain capacity far above the maximum level. Sub-power of Enhanced Condition. Advanced version of Maximum Brain Capacity. Mental counterpart of Enhanced Muscle Usage. User can use/access their brain capacity far above the maximum level, gaining extended knowledge and usage of the brain. This also allows for pushing their abilities, physical or mental, far more than they could normally achieve, beyond even 100 percent capacity.


At the beginning they began their friendship as best friends until Mista felt attracted to Miyoko by inviting her to drink like normal friends and then exchange a passionate kiss and from there they decided to be engaged.